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The book has been doing very well.  It’s been in the top ten fly fishing product sales (as high as number 1) for the last year and some change.  I’ve been blessed with great reviews from Tim at Combat Fly Fishing, Dan at The Fly Fish Guy, and Kirk at Trout Magazine.  Many others have given me great reviews for which I am thankful. 

The book can be purchased through several outlets like Amazon or Barnes and Noble to name a few.  I no longer have a website to send you to because I let that lapse as I have some things in the works…..Stay tuned.   Pick up a copy, and let me know what you think!  Duane

Posted November 13, 2012 by flyfishersplaybook

8 responses to “Fly Fishers Playbook

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  1. Red if you are going to do video instruction I got a great app for my phone that you can draw on to show your angels a stuff. the app is coaches eye. Not sure if it would work for you or not. The blog idea is a good one.

  2. Duane, I am trying to order 2 copies of your book but it won’t let me order but one. I want one for a buddy and would rather get them both in the same envelope and not pay two shipping charges if I have to order one at at time. Can you help?


  3. Duane,

    In your book you describe the 5 foot length (note: river depth 3 feet) between the indicator and the drop fly. However, in your U-tube video you contradict yourself by stating the 5 foot gap is between the indicator and the split shot. I’m confused. Can you clarify?

    By the way… The book is great!

    Mike Chapman
    Durango, CO

    • Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. Although not critical to success it is important to have the distance to the weight not the first bug. In the 2nd edition of the Playbook coming out in December, I really clarify it’s importance. I love it when folks pay attention, and again, appreciate the comment.

  4. Duane, I’m finishing your book. It’s pithy and valuable. I’m looking forward to trying your approaches, and have already applied your nymphing rig, which worked well. That said, It would be a lot easier to understand exactly what you are advising if I could see it demonstrated. One picture worth 1,000 words! When is the video coming out?

    • Hey Des. Glad you like the book. Unfortunately, my video project has stalled. I do have several videos re: the drift and other nymphing techniques on youtube. Just do a search, you’ll find them. Thanks and take care.

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